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Dog sitting

  • Going away on holiday or business?
  • Going to dog shows? Need a dog sitter for your other dogs and animals?
  • Who will feed, walk and love your dogs as you do?
  • Worried about your elderly dog and medication?

Going away and leaving your home is hard and can be stressful for you and your dog(s). Having a dog sitting service enables your dog(s) to stay at home and continue with their familiar routine – Animals Angel Auntie M. will love your dog(s), give them the affection and stimulation they need, with lots of walks and company.

Whether you have large dogs or small dogs Animals Angel Auntie M. will:

  • Care for them all at your home whether they sleep on your bed, in the kitchen or in a kennel
  • Continue their normal routine
  • Follow their daily routine in their own surroundings
  • Feed them their usual food at the usual times
  • Administer any medication or special diets as required
  • Continue with any puppy training and take them to their classes when necessary
  • Update you with text messages or emails and pictures

Cat sitting

  • Going away on holiday or for a weekend?
  • Worried about the cats?

Cats are creatures of habit and being independently minded may not take kindly to being moved to an unfamiliar place and having their movements restricted. By having an Animals Angel Auntie M. your cats can remain in their home and follow their normal routine, their normal meals, their normal diet. If they like to cuddle up on the sofa we will love to do that too – whatever your cats do when you are there, they can do with their cat sitter.

With an Animals Angel Auntie M. your cat(s) will:

  • remain in their own home 
  • follow their normal routine
  • eat their normal diet
  • have their usual grooming routine 
  • have medication and any other special requirements that are required
  • have all the love and attention you give them and probably won’t even notice you have gone!

Wedding Dog Sitters

When you get married it is hard to leave our best friend at home and as we are beginning a new life together with our dogs, we should all be there together and in the photographs. Animals Angel Auntie M. will arrive at your home before the wedding and stay with the dogs while you get ready for your big day. We will keep them calm and content during all the hustle and bustle, or take them out for a walk until you have left. Later Animals Angel Auntie M. can bring the dog(s) to the wedding to appear with the happy couple in all the wedding photographs.

Pet sitting

  • Going away for business or pleasure? Worried about pets? Security?
  • Who will feed the fish, clean out the rabbits, collect the eggs, talk to cats, walk the dogs ?

We have many clients with complicated needs so don’t worry – please ring us to discuss how we can help you.

Animals Angel Auntie M. can look after :

  • Small animals – Rabbits / Guinea Pigs /Hamsters
  • Chickens
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